2020: Year summary review

It was a complex year, full of experiences; and now we start a new one. We don’t forget where we come from.

When the COVID-19 pandemic was declared, many companies were forced and unavoidable to reduce their expenses to the maximum in order to be able to preserve jobs as much as possible or to keep their companies until the situation is regularized . In both cases, some could and some unfortunately couldn’t.

In the case of Wilderness Patagonia, we have tried to take advantage of and transform this “global threat” into an opportunity, working on the weaknesses and turning them into strengths. In these 10 months we certified as BCorp Company B through System B Argentina, becoming the first certified triple impact tourism company in Patagonia, we implemented 2 quality and safety management systems, we expanded our staff, we acquired new equipment, we won clients , we design new and innovative products that are already reaping awards. Carlos Pelli, Director & Founder of Wilderness Patagonia, collaborated in the development of international standards and local safety protocols as a specialized technician.

To end the year, we received last month our measurement report of our last comparable period 2019/2020 of the Carbon Footprint. As a result  we began to make the relevant compensation through the sowing (planting) with monitoring of 260 native species and the purchase of carbon credits, also called Carbon Credits, one of the sources of compensation.

As we have already told you before, we also limit all our trips to a maximum group of 08 people and we have implemented new security and prevention measures for your peace of mind. We have adjusted our terms and conditions to include fully refundable deposits before the travel start date so that our clients, and potential clients, can book without worry.

The situation and context in which COVID 19 placed us motivated us to improve ourselves. We are very proud of everything we have achieved in the recent months and we have learned by transforming every obstacle into opportunities.

Taking the phrase of Yvon Chouinard: “we were like wild species on the frontiers of the ecosystem: adaptable, tough and fast-recovering” let’s get excited about the trips that we will take in 2021.


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