5 reasons to hire an expert Travel Designer

As a professional travel designer  with more than 25 years in the tourism industry, I think that it’s important to talk about how important it is to hire an expert to plan and coordinate trips. Here I will share 5 main reasons why:

1. Liason person:
If you are working with a travel expert, you will only deal with them; there are no calls to hotels, airlines, tour companies, etc. Everything is run through the travel expert and they take care of everything. When you have delays or cancellations at an airport, your travel professional can handle it directly so you never have to wait in line.

2. Travel Industry Contacts:
Travel professionals like myself, who have been working in the business for many years and are established, have front-line access to airline and hotel contacts at the highest levels. This means priority, attention, recognition and favors that you would never receive from any online reservation.

3. Savings in hotel costs:
Most people believe that cutting costs saves them money. However, sometimes spending a little more really saves you money because of all that you get for it. In the hotel world there are services that can include your rate if you are lucky enough to have a good travel expert who has contacts in many hotels.. That means instead of booking a room-only rate, you can book a rate that may include hotel breakfast, food and drink starting at $ 100 or more, transfers, spa credit, upgrades, early check-in. ,late check out, etc. This “benefits” reduces the rate when you are not paying extra and will improve your stay.

4. Airline offers:
By booking with an expert, you don’t get any “hidden” costs or have to wonder if it’s the best rate. Travel professionals can access tools that will allow them to see all airline costs and find hidden deals in seconds that most people will never find. We also have access to preferential airline seats, upgrade contracts and rate discounts. We can eliminate exchange fees at lower costs. Finally, we have hidden ways to cut costs and maintain fees that you can’t do online.

5. Experience:
Your travel expert should be someone who understands what you like, can make your travels easy, stress-free, and everything you dream of. You must rely on their knowledge and experience. They can suggest and plan things for you that you wouldn’t have thought of. Your travel agent is a one stop shop!

When you find the right travel agent for you, make sure they come recommended. Ask them how well traveled they are and if they travel frequently. A good travel agent is looking at new hotels, visiting cities, and has first-hand experiences. I always tell people that they can do their own taxes and hope they get the most benefit, or they can use an accountant. Well, the same rule applies to a travel professional. Do you use an accountant? Well, who is your travel designer …?

Carlos Pelli | Founder & Director Wilderness Patagonia


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