5 reasons why our travels make meaningful memories for life

For those who are juggling the constant desire of an adventurous life with the demands of a full-time job and a busy family life, only have a small opportunity of time to get away from the day by day duties and responsibilities. It often happens that our guests are people who are not satisfied with only making a wish list and accomplishing them, our guests always have a bigger plan that is why sometimes it can be difficult to set a plan in order to maximize their time out. 

During the last years we have worked more and more with families and groups with whom we prepare trips 12 or 15 months before they set foot in Patagonia. When we sit down to work with them, we discover a lot of ideas and expectations, which is why our team of travel specialists work side by side with the future guest in the creation of a tailor-made itinerary or in the creation itineraries for groups. 

Having this way of working with our clients, has led us to design unique expeditions and group trips, designed for those travelers who want to share their trip and experience in a different group than usual, or simply take a private group trip on an itinerary already designed. That is why in our group programs we bring together small teams of like-minded people seeking similar experiences, because we believe it is the best way to maximize adventure.

We will share with you the 5 (five) reasons why our experiences and team journeys are the best kind of adventure for travelers who want to have a trip in group.

  • 1. You will meet people with similar ideas and interests.

Due to the kind of trips, experiences and expeditions we create, coordinate and organize, we attract a particular kind of people open to new experiences, sensations, who want to discover, face challenges, want to learn, see the fun side of new opportunities and take care of their fellow travelers when it is important, always preserving its particular character. Many of our group travel guests come from all corners of the world and engage with an experience so different from their daily lives but lately they share a common characteristic: they seek for adventure, contact with nature, a new culture, and to explore.

  • 2. Together we can achieve more.

In our expeditions, you will face new challenges, experience new environments and become a discoverer of the local peculiarities. The effort, really, is always worth it. Working as a team, great goals will be achieved. Together with your team, you will be able to share your strengths, amplify experiences, investigate, and work together towards a common goal, you will simply achieve more.

  • 3. Memories  

When you get back home and start to see the pictures of your epic experiences, incredible vivid sensations and memories will be awakened. Textures, landscapes, smells, flavors, laughter, memories … It is very important for us to take care of the details that will make the adventure remarkable, but in the end, the trip and the stories it’s  up to the guest.

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  • 4. Different points of views makes the experiences wider

Share a dinner in the mountains or at an award-winning restaurant, go on an off-road trip with specialists, walk on remote trails, talk about the notes and flavors in mouth of a good Malbec, or about the characteristics of a prey bird seen through binoculars, may seem like complex or simple things depending on your point of view. Our team of specialist guides will always be there to assist and make an even better experience.

  • 5. Adventure partnerships for life

We are proud to have a high rate of “adventure partnerships”. This is the result of different team members who had been in the same group during the trip and once the journey is over they keep in touch to join together in new experiences and travel the world. One of the most common lines we hear from our returning fellow travelers is the opportunity to meet, travel, and share unique experiences with like-minded people and that’s the reason why they  return with new expectations year after year. We can tell you today that our experiences and expeditions are responsible for creating lifelong friendships.

Do not hesitate to contact us to join one of our next experiences.

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