#FindYourWilderness from Annie Millet

I want to share with you this time my experience as a tourist.

I have spent the last 15 years trying to get tourists to Argentina or to visit our country, so let’s say that I have always seen it from another place.

I was lucky, very lucky, to be in Bariloche in September 2019 when a group of journalists arrived in the city for a FAM Press (press trip). My role was being the coordinator and hostess, and I had to go with them throughout their stay following the itinerary. We had a full day activity planned with Wilderness Patagonia called Discover the Patagonian Steppe.

I have two sons living in Patagonia, one in Bariloche and the other in San Martín de los Andes, also I have been traveling to Bariloche since I was 15 years old (today I am 81, that is to say that I have been coming for many years!) But I had never been in the east part of the city, I was always going to the north to go to San Martín de los Andes or Villa La Angostura, or to the south to go to El Bolsón, Esquel but never to the side of the steppe and it was one of the best impressions and experiences I had in my whole life. From that moment on, I do nothing more than say and tell that I really knew Patagonia. Not touristic Patagonia with great hotels, wonderful restaurants and everything organized by guides, but with a person who made me feel Patagonia: Carlos Pelli, director of Wilderness Patagonia.

We gave Carlos our complete trust and what he had prepared for us. We leave from the hotel in a 4 × 4truck, to Villa Llanquin by the road that borders the Limay river valley. In the 4 × 4 we toured the most SPECTACULAR, magnificient, immense and deep places that i saw in my life. We passed through geological formations and reached the river crossing, we passed a traditional floating bridge and we got into the untamed steppe. The feeling that I had of knowing THAT Patagonia was the same that I had when I saw the Iguazú Falls or the first time I took the Train to the Clouds, those incredible things that seem to be magical. We stopped at a viewpoint and took a short walk to admire the view and we saw 6 condors that passed us so closely!

At a curve that we took, we found another earthly surprise: there was a gazebo, a table, armchairs … a wonderful lunchtime. There were appetizers, coffee made with a battery-powered machine, a variety of drinks, salmon, fruits, sweets … it was amazing to make that stop surrounded by so much beauty.

The group of Argentine journalists that I accompanied, couldn’t believe that they were discovering a part of the country that they didn’t even know existed. Bariloche is a city with everything you need, but the steppe is a place that reunites the living experiences. I will never have enough words to say thanks to Carlos for this experience on the trip and I hope to be able to do many more in the future because how he and his staff presents the experiences and how he makes you feel and live what you are witnessing is wonderful.

I have always said that I cannot sell what I do not know, I cannot promote what I did not experience, that is why I have always tried to know and experience everything that my country has to offer in the tourism and hospitality industry. The people who work with Carlos are excellent, professional, I am a total enthusiast of the Patagonian steppe and the experiences they have made me live. I don’t get tired of telling it and repeating it, every time I can, I encourage people to know that other way of seeing the deep Argentina, the real one, the one that moves you, the one that is not prepared to receive you but you arrive unexpectedly at the landscape … and the landscape dazzles you.

Thanks to the team, but especially to Carlos for this unforgettable experience that I will keep in my best memories.

Annie Millet is a businesswoman who from a very young age knew how to assert herself with character to meet her goals. Her professional life began in the family car dealership, then she turned to business gifts and later she returned to vehicles, but with the rental business, until she got official Master Hertz representation in the country. She is known and respected in the tourism industry for 10 years, she served as president of Destino Argentina (an organization dedicated to positioning the country on the international premium tourism map).


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