Our footprint carbon offset 2019/2020

Climate change is one of the most important global environmental problems in tha past years. Its negative effects are becoming more and more visible and even more dangerous in the world. This global warming is directly associated with human activity, mainly through its production and consumption patterns.

As we have stated on different occasions, for Wilderness Patagonia a sustainable world is one in which people enjoy a happy and healthy life and living with respect for the environment and wildlife. We seek this in all the regions in which we operate. The pillars of our continuous efforts are based on:

  • Taking care for the planet
  • Taking care for people
  • Sustainability in the use of water
  • Zero waste
  • Zero carbon in our operations

Taking into account these axes of our organizational culture, we are committed to measuring and compensating for the effect of greenhouse gases that we generate during our activities and operations.

The carbon footprint is one of the simplest and most accurate tools to measure, for a period of one year, the GHGs emitted in daily activities and to know what the impact is. Towards the end of our fiscal year, we are audited by Let’s Be Forest, and in this way we become aware of our emission and consequently we act to reduce its environmental impact by taking concrete actions against climate change.

We have closed the measurement of our last comparable period 2019/2020 and as a result we are going to carry out the relevant compensation of the carbon footprint through the sowing (planting) with monitoring of 260 native species and the purchase of carbon credits , also called Carbon Credits, one of the sources of compensation.

“Forests are the most effective tool to mitigate climate change”

The Nature Conservancy

It is very pleasant for Wilderness Patagonia to execute and implement the compensation. We have already started preparing our impact report to present to stakeholders at the close of the 2020/2021 season.

We hope that our overall effort and commitment to preserving and protecting our ecosystems for future generations will be a source of motivation and inspiration for us to increasingly mitigate climate change.


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