Private Tours by Wilderness Patagonia

Anywhere at any time, You decide. These are your vacations: where, when and how you want them, to share with whoever you want. To enjoy a program in private, simply tell us what you have in mind and we will take care of the rest.

Do it in private
Take one of our existing scheduled outings and reserve it for your group, and yours only. Ask us about the dates of each trip. Remember that you can take a program from our catalog or contact us and we will create one tailored to your requirements.

Together we can create a collection of unique adventures as we have perfected the art of traveling in Patagonia using our extensive experience and comprehensive understanding of the region. For the last word in simple luxury of service, our specialists know the best accommodations, ranches and remote lodges; ideal for groups with specific levels of demand.


Bespoke Travel Design
Design holidays are the culmination of our extensive experience. The sky’s the limit on what these custom itineraries can include – everything is completely tailor-made based on your wishes.

How do we do this?
Our Bespoke Trip Designers start with their ideas and then use their infinite creativity and local knowledge to offer the trip in the Patagonian region that becomes the adventure of your dreams.

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