My phone keeps ringing.

¿Why? it’s simple, I’m at the disposal of my colleagues in this hard situation we had to face with the COVID-19 pandemic issue. As a travel advisor and trip designer, my national and international contacts it’s very wide and diverse and the relationships I built during all these past years were put to the test in these last months.

Since the declaration of a Pandemic by the World Health Organization in early March until today, the confirmed, canceled, rescheduled and in-process travel plans turned the daily activity of the sector into a great boiling cooking pot.

The adventures for many travelers who have arrived in our country have been abruptly interrupted, and although the quarantine has ended the entry policies to the country and the different destinations in Argentina are modified day by day. Consequently, these changes could affect passenger reservations / schedules / itineraries. Dealing with unanticipated travel changes is always a hassle, but it is multiplied when all the travelers around, and the family back home, are also trying to navigate the confusion of information on a minute-by-minute basis.

Despite all these inconveniences, the #WildernessPatagonia travel specialists in #BuenosAires #Bariloche and #Ushuaia, have been on duty from zero moment, helping our own travelers and assisting our clients’ passengers on their return home and currently providing the necessary information for their visit (or return) to our region.

¿What is this post about? We want to highlight the professional work and value of having a specialized travel advisor to the destination of your choice. They are ready to face the unexpected, and when you are not sure what to do or who to call, they will be there for you and take care of you.

As a travel design specialist, my advice during the lockdown /quarantine months was to come up with a “hold on” and reschedule approach to future travel. In the midst of all the uncertainty I conveyed my idea of ​​”postpone, don’t cancel.” Nowadays, my position is that you carry out and execute each postponed plan but do it guided and advised by a local travel expert so that you can travel each day of your itinerary without bureaucratic surprises.

Today is the time to bet on everything that was left stand by. Think of it in the following way: nature tourism in Argentina and Chile is developed by small providers and specialized travel agents, who have worked for many years preparing to give the best answers, before, during and after your trip. From that hot tea that arrived at the tent when you arrived at the camp, to the chocolate that you found on the hotel pillow, or the musician waiting for you at that bend in the road, passing through the smile of our driver. All the participants in this great adventure of making your trip unique, today they are waiting, together with you, to be able to continue this great journey. Today is a great time to support your advisors, agents and travel specialists who remain firm here, in these hard times of crisis, and many jobs depend on your decision.

I hope to see you on the roads again, soon, to enjoy the incredible summer tones that are painting our surroundings here in Patagonia.

Carlos Pelli | Founder & Director Wilderness Patagonia


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