Wilderness Patagonia Academy open its doors this 2020

Wilderness Patagonia’s Academy works to improve and strengthen the abilities and skills of our guides and staff during the operation on-ground of the company. Also, they prepare the local community to be more efficient and resilient in this worldwide social context.

Wilderness Patagonia – Travel Company it’s a tailor made tour operator with a wide and extensive experience of the design and operations of activities, so this means that its staff must have a rigorous selection process and complementary training to achieve the required work standards. In the academy the staff will have courses and workshops to improve their skills and specific abilities in order to get more experience, more new knowledge and therefore use all this new, and renew, resources to guarantee the satisfaction of our guests.

From our headquarters located in San Carlos de Bariloche, argentinian Patagonia, our activities proposals range from daily activities and excursions to everyday nature safari programs (many days of duration) and this is why many travelers choose us since they share and feel close to our purpose, committing to the conservation and development of the Patagonia.

Since all our activities, for example from the preparation before the beginning of an activity to the on ground/setting operation for our fly camps, required a full and focused immersion of our staff in the patagonian nature it’s a must for our guides to provide multiple knowledge, to being enthusiastic, energetic, leadership, to have driving skills of our specific vehicles (adapted for all kind of grounds), environmental interpretation, field naturalist, flora, fauna, geology as well as diverse skills in lifesaving, communications or even for the preparation of a gourmet lunch in the middle of the Patagonian steppe.

Our daily work it’s not easy but it’s satisfying. While we create memorable life experiences and even could change guest’s lives, we work hard for the security, the development of our region and the protection of our resources. That is why we created in 2017 Wilderness Patagonia Academy, a training program of knowledge for our staff so they can learn, put in practice and renew the acquired skills in order to improve and be prepared.

The training program take place before the beginning of the summer season and is made up of a wide range of guidelines and training modules about different topics, from the #reskilling of the guides on glaciology, geology, hydrology, flora and fauna, history and culture, mechanics, food handling, risk management, first aid and photography. Beyond the technical knowledge, our teams get the spirit of work that characterizes us and add new and more tools/resources to create memorable experiences for guests. The Academy was initially created for the staff of our company and today also receives people from the communities where we operate as a way to strengthen small local entrepreneurs.

Experts of our company and qualified external staff are in charge of the training program. We have a working commitment with the Argentinian Association of Adventure Travel and Ecotourism to certificate the standards, as well as assistance from professional training institutes and expert academics.

Results are convincing, we have a team of highly trained, knowledgeable and enthusiastic guides and staff who can provide our guests the best experiences that Patagonia can offer.


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