The Patagonian Safaris are the best way to make an immersive trip in the region since they allow you to connect with people, culture, prehistory, native peoples, we can appreciate the landscapes, the environment, know the geography, the flora, the fauna and the local gastronomic culture.

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Best Seasons:October to April
Popular Location:Bariloche, Munster\'s Trail, Los Menucos, Península Valdes, Puerto Madryn, Esquel, Los Antiguos, Parque Patagonia, El Chalten, El Calafate

    Deep Patagonia – From Bariloche To El Calafate

    10 days

    The mythical National Route 40 covers 5117 kilometers in the Argentine Republic, crossing the country from North to South, from La Quiaca on the border with Bolivia to Cabo Vírgenes, Santa Cruz province. Along this  10-day journey we will travel…

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