Rural Life and Culture

Patagonia is immense, with large tracts of land to cover and a productive activity with many years of development. Living an experience on the ranches (Here we call them Estancias) is, without a doubt, the way of understanding the hard life of the Patagonian muleteers, the raising of cattle and the indomitable spirit of the region.

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Best Seasons:All year
Popular Location:Bariloche, Munsters Trail, Patagonia, Los Menucos, Maquinchao, North Patagonia, Peninsula Valdes, Los Altares

Rural Tours

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    Deep Patagonia – From Bariloche To El Calafate

    10 days

    The mythical National Route 40 covers 5117 kilometers in the Argentine Republic, crossing the country from North to South, from La Quiaca on the border with Bolivia to Cabo Vírgenes, Santa Cruz province. Along this  10-day journey we will travel…

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