Non-Discrimination Policies

Labor equality and non-discrimination policy
This Policy on Labor Equality and Non-Discrimination is applicable to all the personnel that work in Wilderness Patagonia in any of its locations, its surveillance, operation and evaluation, will be in charge of the General Management.

Any form of mistreatment, violence and segregation by the company authorities towards the personnel and between the personnel in matters of:
- Physical appearance
- Culture
- Disability
- Language
- Sex
- Gender
- Age
- Social, economic, health or legal status
- Pregnancy
- Marital or marital status
- Religion
- Reviews
- Ethnic or national origin
- Sexual preferences
- Migratory situation

About the work in Wilderness Patagonia
- At Wilderness Patagonia we connect people and nature through tourism, conservation and development activities as a challenge to discover Patagonia;
- We explore the passion to discover Patagonia through the connections between people and nature; and,
- We improve the lives of our guests by providing unique travel experiences, with a deep connection to nature and people, through a close and personalized service while generating wealth and regional development while conserving and protecting Patagonia and the planet.

We do the above by designing and operating genuine, memorable experiences; inspiring adventures, exploring settings and programs through personalized tourism programs in a region with infinite experiences.

Policy Objective on Labor Equality and Non-Discrimination
Establish guidelines that promote a culture of labor equality and non-discrimination in Wilderness Patagonia and guarantee equal opportunities for each person on the staff.

This Policy on Labor Equality and Non-Discrimination applies to the functional areas of the entire company.

The terms applicable to the Labor Equality and Non-Discrimination Policy for Wilderness Patagonia are universal and are taken from the references established by the United Nations Global Compact and by the International Labor Organization, in accordance with the Civil and Commercial Code of the Argentine Republic .

General Principles of our Policy on Labor Equality and Non-Discrimination
I - We respect individual differences in culture, religion, and ethnicity.
II - We promote equal opportunities and development for all staff.
III - In the hiring processes, we seek to grant the same employment opportunities to the candidates, regardless of: race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, marital or marital status, nationality, disability, or any other situation protected by the federal, state or local laws.
IV - We promote a work environment of respect and equality, a humanitarian atmosphere of open communication and a workplace free of discrimination, sexual harassment and other forms of intolerance and violence.
V - We are committed to attracting, retaining, and motivating our staff, so the compensation and benefits system in our workplace does not make any difference between male and female employees who perform similarly responsible functions.
VI - We respect and promote the right of people to achieve a balance in their lives; promoting co-responsibility in the work, family and personal life of our collaborators.
Effective from June 27, 2020. Wilderness Patagonia - All rights reserved.

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